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Friday, April 1, 2011

I try to find any excuse to make music. I tap. All the time. Foot tapping. Finger drumming. Type beats. Like right now, the rhythm of this post is distracting me slightly... And I'm back.

So, in the work I do, composing music is one of my key roles. I try to find excuses to write new things whenever the opportunity presents itself. I hope that it contributes to a certain level of variation that brings joy to others. And all that.

Usually in my line of work, music is an after thought in production process. It is part of Final Mix. An add-on that brings atmosphere to the visuals. I think that music is much more concrete than that. Music has its own sensibility that could be interpreted in the same way a verbal statement could be misconstrued. But that's just me and I am clearly prejudiced.

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